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About us

Cent Cent SACCO Foundation NPC registration number K2018518712 is a non-profit company registered in South Africa to advance Cent Cent SACCOs justice and CSR causes of economic empowerment and inter-generational wealth creation in communities through solidarity economics, social cohesion initiatives and programs, and the building of an interconnected,  regenerative and self-sustaining cooperative ecosystem.

What we do

CCS Foundation NPC is a mission oriented continuous awareness campaign and promotion programme of the SACCO/CFI philosophy and business model through creation of SACCO/CFI study circles whose members, after internalizing what SACCOs are all about would naturally graduate into members of a federated network of Cent Cent SACCOs (or any other SACCO for that matter) practicing the financial disciplines that increase one’s financial capabilities and well being.  The ambition is to create a federated network of SACCOs in order to attain economies of scope and economies of scale.

Where we work

The CCS Foundation is currently assisting in the development of the Cent Cent SACCO branded Cooperative Financial Institutions in Gauteng Province, Limpopo Province, North West Province, Kwazulu Natal Province, Western Cape Province and in the Eastern Cape Province. Eventually it will spread into all the provinces of South Africa and will be entering into valued partnerships with other  local like minded organisations working towards benefiting SACCOS/CFIs members and the wider community in the SADC region.

Get Involved

If you are interested in the formation of a SACCO/CFI study circle in your area contact us. Membership and participation in CCS Foundation’s activities brings you into our circles of trust.



Cent Cent SACCO Foundation NPC

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